Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Single Digits-Round 2?!

Well we are now in Single Digits, hopefully! Acording to Andrew and my friends husband Zach (he is in another unit but coming home with Andrews) we are now in Single Digits! However this could be wrong and tomorrow will be the day, however that should not be the case!

I was so excited and now with all this crap its hard to be excited when we are a week away from seeing daddy and they still can't give us a day...I understand a time but you are a week away, get the day right people! Geesh! Some of us have plans ya know!! Speakng of plans I hope that what Andrew and Zach are saying is right becasue if not we will have no time to go and get Nicks Birthday cake ordered or shop for him as a family (well couple however nick wont know the difference! lol). We had plans to go to Toysrus so that daddy could pick him out something special seems how he can't get on the computer and order him something...then we were going to go to Arbys! Everyone has their cravings while deployed and daddy is dying for some Arbys! lol...He also wanted to help pick out the cake =( I mean I will go and get everything for the party just I really hope it dosn't end that way! He really wants to be more into getting things ready for his party!

Well thats about it right now, when I know more I shall let you know! Tomorrow we are going to palm springs and going shopping for a few things with one of my very good friends Heather =) Excited to see her! This is a pic for andrew, he wanted it and I liked it so I thought I would share! lol Until next time...


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