Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today we went to the waterpark on base with kaitlen and the gang, we had a ton of fun! When we first got there Hailey was throwing a huge fit sayin she wanted to go home, when all day the only thing she would talk about was the waterpark! lol...finally about 20mins of crying about it she took off and started playing. She had a blast, however she kept taking her shoes off and the ground was SO hot including all the fake grass! Nick was not so sure about being splashed, he was still tired from an early nap so maybe next time he will enjoy it more! Lets hope!

Kids and I have been doing good, house is a bit of a mess but nothing like it was before, just needs a good pick me up! lol...Nicks 12month molars are trying to come in so hes chewing on anything he can get his little hands on. He slept threw the night from 745-520 then 520-830 last night!! Im so proud of him and really wish I could have slept those hours but little miss was having nightmares and then my body is so use to nick getting up at the same time its like my own alarm clock! lol...but its ok though! Little man is starting to take steps here and there, braver by the day! He is also eating more little man food! He loves these litle Turkey sticks!! Glad I bought them! He has yet to turn anything down! lol...little pigster!

We are getting ready to head out to nanas house this weekend, where nana and grandma are going to watch the kids and mommy is going out to spend a few hours on the river floating with some good friends and is excited! Then we are all heading to In-N-Out which I have been wanting so bad lately! lol...

Daddy is doing ok, he is getting really anxious to come home. They have him working nights right now so he is on the same time zone as us for the most part but he isn't likeing sleeping in 120 heat!! Poor hubby!!! He can't wait to get home and be a family again and have bbqs and Wii nights! All of us are getting so anxious! Only 2 months until he is on his way home!!! Well gotta get going little ones are sleepy!! Enjoy the recent photos of the richardet gang!


Daddy on the job!
Get um daddy!

Chelsea and Ayla
Nick playin in the pool at Chels's house
Bean and I have a drink and hanging out
Besties since going on 10 years!
Clouds the other day!
Our pretty little lady
Loving the camera
Need I say more?!
favorite photo
apple and gabba gabba gabba
Num Nums
yep its good
Hanging at chelseas house
fake grass was wet lol
Brayden and Nick at the waterpark

Having some fun!
Love her!
Kaitlen and Mason
Kaitlen and Brayden
Getting the big kids
Loving it!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Man 9 Month Update!

Well little mister is 9 months old as of May 25, 2010! At his 9 month apt he was a woping 19lbs 4oz, 27.5in long, and has 8 teeth! He is getting smarter and stronger by the day! He has this new push around toy that he loves to walk with! YES, WALK with!!! Crazy little man!!! He is too cute for words and can brighten your day but just his smile! He loves to get into anything, and will eat just about anything so its fun to say the least! He is really trying to walk, he right now is sporting his first good black eye from trying to take a few steps and hitting a toy! I dont give it but another week! He seems very determined, lol. He is such a little goober!

We love him sooo much and with only 2 1/2 months before he is a year old we are starting to plan his party. Still are not positive on a theme yet! Or if there will even be one! His party will not be right on his birthday however DADDY WILL BE ATTENDING!!! But thats a blog soon to come =)

He loves his sister! This morning they were both caught shakin there little booties to Taylor Swift's "picture to burn" on CMT cutest thing I had ever seen but I havn't been useing my camera and it was dead! UGH!!! Thats a lessened learned let me tell ya!!! Oh and he LOVES talking to his nana on the phone, he gets the biggest grin when he is talking to her!!! Its soo cute!! Then he just slaps me cuz hes so excited! haha....

Well thats about it for now, time for some pics, not too many...we have all been sick but are slowy getting over it so there will be some to come VERY soon!!!!

Oh and you can see him walking here


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