Friday, August 19, 2011

Back + Pain = Timothy James

Early morning on August 19, 2011 I woke up with back pain and kept tossing and turning and could not get comfertable. Finally I decided that I was going to sit in a bath to stop the pain so that I could relax and fall back asleep (it was more annoying then it was actually painful). So, I got into the bath and attempted to relax which seemed to be working yet at the same time was still annoying. After the bath (going to start going into detail just far warning) I climbed back into bed, I tossed and turned so I tried the heating pad which at first there was relief but then it was back. I got out of bed to use the restroom and when I looked down there was my mucus plug (for the third time) this time also bright red blood with it.

Now I had my 39 week check up at 1pm that day so I really didn't want to go into Labor and Delivery which is why I was trying to just ease through the annoying pain in my back (it was annoying it really wasn't painful at the time). However after trying to get comfortable, my bath, the heating pad, and now the plug something inside me told me I should go to L&D. So I woke up Andrew and told him to start getting ready, he was sitting up in bed rubbing his eyes and I was standing at the side of the bed. He really didn't here me the first time so I started explaining and as I was standing there trying to talk I would constantly stop during the ache in my back which is when I realized it was we started to get ready and I had a really sharp pain which made us get moving much faster!

We got to the hospital and the pains were closer together and a bit stronger but still bareable (I wasn't haveing any contractions that I knew of in my stomache just this pain in my lower back). I had been at 4cm for the last week I was crossing my fingers that I would be a little more along so that they would just let me have him. We pulled up and I went inside and asked for a wheel chair, the guy there was like why do you need a wheel chair? I just looked at him and he ran to get one! lmao....I sat down and then andrew came in (We ran into our friends and talked for a few seconds) then Andrew attempted to push me to the elevator or should I say INTO the elvator litterally! lol...we get upstairs to L&D and they ask me questions and the lady is like well we can see where your at but you seem ok so its probably nothing...

I lay down and she checks me and her jaw drops and she starts throwing her gloves off she says "Well imma tell you right now you are having a baby today and soon! do you want an epideral?" I was like ummm yes if I can have one?! As she leaves the room quickly. We could here her talking and saying she needed a room NOW and they asked why and she was like because she will be delivering any minute shes at 9cm! Andrew and I were like OMGOSH!!! lol...I was thankfully able to get an epideral before I started pushing, ONLY because I wasnt ready to push yet. Once that was over with the dr came in and was ready to break my water so he chased down andrew (litterally ran after him as he was on his way to get something to drink and smoke). He broke my water and I began pushing! I could feel a VERY slight pressure, as if someone was poking you, and that was it and only in my right side. As I started pushing they realized that TJ was sunnyside up and thats what was taking so long because his head was right there the dr thought it would be 2 pushes and he would be there! So once they seen him they told us we will push just a few more times but that we will probably have to do an emergency c-section because I was so far and he was turned. However he was able to move TJs head just a tad which made him slip right out on the next push! 10 mins of pushing and the fastest by far that this dr had delivered a "sunny side up baby" and he has delivered an estimate amount of 1000 babies at the minimal!!!

I told the dr before hand that I didn't want him laid on me after (I dont like when they take him away so I get everything over with right away so I dont have to give him up)...however this would not have mattered because right away you could see that he was not breathing right. He had to be hooked up to oxygen and a heart monitor to watch him and they were getting the nursery ready for him, which I didn't like one bit I wanted him with us in the room, or me at that matter since andrew could go to the nursery. He started breathing a little better and they decided to let me hold him before they came to get him. Once in my arms his breathing corrected on contact!! The nurse called the NICU nurse that was there to come in and they had me put him on me skin to skin and keep him there, there only reason for him not breathing right was just because he wanted his mommy.

Other then that he was our perfect little boy born at 8:12am weighing 8.2lbs and 20in long. He had a bit of swelling on his face and his nose was a bit to the side from his head on my pelvic bone. But by the end of the day you could see a big difference!

He is now almost 4months old and we can't get enough of him!!! he is such a joy to have and we just love him so much! Andrew is finally home to experience this stage and I love just sitting and watching them together!


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