Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Springing it into gear....

Where do I begin...

We are moved in!!! Well were here tripping over stuff anyway, lol. However I prefer tripping over things and seeing my house starting to be a home =) Haileys room is set up for now. We are puchasing a bedroom set for her, so im not really decorating until it gets here. That way I dont have to take anything down off the walls so that her dresser/mirror will fit!! Its a cute set and I can't wait to order it for her!!! Nicks room is also being used as the computer room do to the lack of space downstairs. Hopefully when andrew gets home we can figure a way to put it in our room so that he has his own little place to call his own!!! But for now it works!!

Easter Update

Easter was a blast! The day before we went to base for an Egg Hunt. That was a joke! So many little kids and so little eggs!!! Kinsley and Hailey got 2 eggs each and Rileys mommy Mellisa got a chance to grab a few for her! We decided to go home and have our own at the playground, turned out great!!! Easter was a blast. We went down to Ruth Hardy park to meet the family like normal and it was a blast!!! The kids had a great time and it was nice to see family. As we were leaving and packing the car I started yelling at my cousins to stop shaking the car! Little did I know it was not them for it was a 7.2 Earthquake that hit about 2 hours away! Havn't felt one in a long time!! Here are pics from Easter....enjoy =)

Before dying eggs & before he got thew!
Oh yes, straight threw the shell!!
Dying  Eggs
After the turtles
Kinsley, Abby (under the blanket), Riley, and Hailey

Cousins =)


April Update...

Omgosh!!! Weather has been amazing!!!! Now of course we had rain today, but other then that AMAZIN!! I love being back in 29 palms! WOW, did I seriously just say that??? lol...Hailey is having a blast living next to her bestie =) I wake up every morning to "mommy, pay kinsey house day?" She is in awe of that little girl!!! Both kids are loving our long hours outside everyday. I have to admit so am I soakin up all this sun and going on walks!! LOVE IT!!! I even got to wear my hott little swim suit Katie made for me =) Get to test it out this weekend when we head to Oceanside and the Wild Animal Park, cant wait!!! Well thats about it for now, more updates on the kids here very soon...lots of new things going on with them =) Enjoy a few pics I have taken since we moved to 29!!!

Playing at the park
My baby girl and I

Handsome little man
Soakin up the sun

She was practicing her balance

Loves to be able to play now

Playin with Abby & Nick

Best Friends always look alike =)

New Suit she picked out...I think shes happy with it =)
Not to bad after 2 kids, still working on it!! Love my new suit!

I love my kids!!

Seriously my favorite photo!!!


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