Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hailey is now 4! I can't even begin describe how much a a big girl she has become just the last year alone. Hailey is now a whopping Forty-one 1/2 inches long and 35lbs! Mommy's big helper is who she is most of the time that is. She loves playing with her brothers and watching the baby if I need to run and make a bottle, she will sit and entertain him. Nick does nothing but follow her around and thought she gets frustrated sometimes because she can't play with certain things while hes awake shes been a good sport. Nick is now talking however usually for only her, its so adorable!!! She really blows my mind away on how smart she is. Her favorite color/s now is pink/yellow (have to be together). She is still very much into Hello Kitty and loves playing with her My Little Ponies (shes gotten quite the collection lately). Her newest and most favorite right now would be LalaLoopsy Dolls! As you will see by most of her pictures and presents she LOVES her LalaLoopsys!!! We were able to have her "My Little Pony" party on her birthday this year and it turned out to be a ton of fun!! Enjoy the photos!!

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