Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hey there Strangers!!!

I'm just the best at this blogging thing huh?! lol. Well, none the less I am back and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Things have finally slowed down a bit so I will be able to update at least once a week.

2012 so far has been one thing after another, seriously! Andrew has been sent out a few times, Nana came to visit, we sadly found out Andrew will be deploying once again to Afghanistan, his family came to visit recently, and our boys are 1 and 3 (well almost). It's been one hectic here here in the Richardet household!

Of course I decided to make things a tad more complicated though! This lady is proud to announce that I have started my own Photography Business and  am attending NYIP (New York Institute of Photography). You can see my most recent work (here). I will be working on posting a blog for my photography page and come 2013, a website! Beyond excited about this and feel free to give me any feedback!

I have taken so many photos over the summer as you all know so I will add some to the next Post! I'm still picking out photos from the thousands I took while we had family visiting! I hope everyone has a good day and until next time!


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