Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Deployment 2012-2013

To make a long story short this deployment was thrown at us. It was a back and forth battle on if he was going to deploy or if we would be PCSing to VA. Needless to say we are on day 6 of and estimated 180. Almost a whole week down!

This is Andrews 4th deployment and our 3rd as a family. As of right now we do not have an address for him, just know that he did make it to Afghanistan. However, I should be getting an email in the next few days with one. The kids are very anxious to send daddy his first care package!

Hailey is taking this pretty well, she seems to only get upset in the evenings a tad and wants to wear his shirts to bed so she can be close to him. TJ seems to get a tad fussy around the time daddy normally gets home and keeps an eye at the door and window but eventually goes back to playing and being his happy little self. Nick on the other hand is still asking for his daddy. He doesn't understand why daddy isn't here and his truck is in the drive way. He will tell you "Daddy onna big plane fight bad guy" however if he sees a plane in the sky he thinks its daddy's plane and that we have to go pick him up!

Hows mommy you ask?! Well, mommy is getting at this day by day and trying to get into a solid routine. I have been spoiled being able to talk to Andrew every evening for the last 2 years so at night anxiety kicks in a bit and I have to email him because that's the only way I feel better. Needless to say he probably has like 15emails and hes been gone 6 days, lol.

On the day daddy left I had my good friend Brittany tag along with me for moral support and to take some photos of us at the airport. I had a photographer lined up however things became so hectic last minute because they moved his date, that I just canceled, set my settings on the camera, and handed it over to her. I love the way that they came out. They were exactly what I wanted and then some. Plus, I love Brittany and have known her for years which allowed for our kids to be themselves.

*The colored photo was after we got home that day and Hailey wanted to nap in daddy's shirt. I sneaked upstairs to take a picture and she was looking outside the window for daddy's plane, bless her little heart! The picture of the book is what we set up so that the kids could hear daddy's voice every night before bed.*

Hope you all enjoy!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Are you ready?!

Boy has it been crazy in the Richardet household lately! I have been meaning to get on here sooner however things have gotten a little out of hand in the last few months. Summer has came and went and it's already fall?! Seriously, time needs to take a chill pill!!!

The boys are officially 1 and 3 now, Hailey has started school, mommy has started a photography business, and daddy was selected to pick up SSGT!!! However, daddy deployed this last Thursday for 6/7 months so I will keep you all updated on that as well.

I WILL be posting in the next week starting week little by little on what all has been going on! I need to catch up on the boys birthdays, Hails starting school, deployment, ER trips, family visits, my photography and so much more! It's crazy! I hope to have a nice size LONG and picture filled blog up by next weekend! So keep an eye out!!! Nighty Night


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hey there Strangers!!!

I'm just the best at this blogging thing huh?! lol. Well, none the less I am back and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Things have finally slowed down a bit so I will be able to update at least once a week.

2012 so far has been one thing after another, seriously! Andrew has been sent out a few times, Nana came to visit, we sadly found out Andrew will be deploying once again to Afghanistan, his family came to visit recently, and our boys are 1 and 3 (well almost). It's been one hectic here here in the Richardet household!

Of course I decided to make things a tad more complicated though! This lady is proud to announce that I have started my own Photography Business and  am attending NYIP (New York Institute of Photography). You can see my most recent work (here). I will be working on posting a blog for my photography page and come 2013, a website! Beyond excited about this and feel free to give me any feedback!

I have taken so many photos over the summer as you all know so I will add some to the next Post! I'm still picking out photos from the thousands I took while we had family visiting! I hope everyone has a good day and until next time!


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