Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Bella

We have been very busy lately getting ready to move into our new house! Hailey kept begging us for a doggie and daddy told her "maybe" when we move into our new house MONTHS ago! When we told Hailey we were moving all she could talk about was getting a doggie, she remembered. So daddy told her after we move in and get settled we will look into getting her one.

Yesterday I was looking at baby stuff on the famous Lejeune Yardsales and saw a posting for a "Shiba Inu" 8 week old puppy. I was curious so opened the post and something told me to pursue this. I looked up the breed because I had NO idea what it was, when I seen the breed I knew what they were. The lady had bought her for her son and his asthma started acting up terribly. They were needing to get rid of her ASAP! We texted back and forth for a while and when I got a picture that was it, Hailey and I were taken away by her cute little face! So we talked to daddy about it and he was good with us getting her as long as we take care of her.

"Kirria" was her name, however we could not pronounce it. Hailey saw her bell on her necked and started calling her Bella and she came RIGHT to it!!! She is the sweetest little pup and the kids adore her!!! We are so happy to have her!!!



Monday, March 28, 2011

In His Boots

This past Saterday I went to an event on base called "In His Boots". This is where they show us things that ours husbands have to do. Of course things are modified but its a really neat event. We got to see Aircraft first hand and even fly the simulators (Andrew is jealous). We did a modified CFT (Combat Fittness Test) run, learned a few MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts) moves, and shot on the simulated gun range. In all it was a pretty fun day. Here are some of the pictures...


New River Marina & Park

We went to this amazing park on New River last Sunday. I kept seeing posts on different facebook sites about how neat this park looked and how everyone couldn't wait for it to open up! Then I seen a picture posted and I knew then it was open =) So last Sunday we went on an adventure to find the park, we had yet to explore New Rivers base further then the commissary other then when daddy had to go to work.

When we turned the corner and you could see the park both kids were screaming in excitement! It's so bright and on turf so even the "grass" is bright! We had grabbed Wendy's before heading over to the playground and I'm so happy we did because we were there for almost 3 hours! The kids truly enjoyed themselves as did we.

This last Thursday I had to go and register for the "In His Boots" event on New River so I invited Brittany and the kiddos to come with. Brittany had us all jump in her van and we headed out over to New River. The kids once again loved the park but Hailey had to go potty so we decided to explore the Marina a tad also, its beautiful however the water is a reddish color so I'm no so sure how often we will go there in the summer, lol. However, there were fish jumping out of the water and the kids thought it was so amazing and just busted in laughter! In all it was a GREAT day! We ended it with shakes at Arbys and all 4 kids passed out!!!

Oh, and in the pictures there was a fire across the Marina, I wasn't sure what it was until I accidentally hit a button and you can see the flames in a pic! ENJOY!


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