Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Bella

We have been very busy lately getting ready to move into our new house! Hailey kept begging us for a doggie and daddy told her "maybe" when we move into our new house MONTHS ago! When we told Hailey we were moving all she could talk about was getting a doggie, she remembered. So daddy told her after we move in and get settled we will look into getting her one.

Yesterday I was looking at baby stuff on the famous Lejeune Yardsales and saw a posting for a "Shiba Inu" 8 week old puppy. I was curious so opened the post and something told me to pursue this. I looked up the breed because I had NO idea what it was, when I seen the breed I knew what they were. The lady had bought her for her son and his asthma started acting up terribly. They were needing to get rid of her ASAP! We texted back and forth for a while and when I got a picture that was it, Hailey and I were taken away by her cute little face! So we talked to daddy about it and he was good with us getting her as long as we take care of her.

"Kirria" was her name, however we could not pronounce it. Hailey saw her bell on her necked and started calling her Bella and she came RIGHT to it!!! She is the sweetest little pup and the kids adore her!!! We are so happy to have her!!!



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  1. Your home is filled with cuteness!!!! XXX


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