Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Events

Easter Egg Hunt on base

Hailey enjoyed the Egg hunt on base, however nick screamed and cried. They told us events started at a certain time and then led up to the egg hunt...well the events were 2 kick the ball in the whole and then 2 jumpers with LONG lines...this went on for about an hour an a half before the Egg Hunt =( By then nick was becoming SO impatient!!! He had enough of the heat and standing around. Hailey's group (3-4) parents were not aloud in. I was bummed picture wise because this was her first REAL hunt, however at the same time I was glad because some parents are just CRAZY and are more about it then the kids! Hailey did AMAZING and filled her WHOLE basket!!!!! We attempted the family egg hunt also so that nick could go however he didn't really care about it much. He screamed and cried and Hailey just got eggs for him (shes such a great big sister). After the hunt we headed home all sun burnt =( lol....


The day before we baked cookies and attempted dying eggs. Hailey LOVED dying eggs and nick threw them into the buckets of color and stuck his WHOLE hand in! lol...we then attempted sugar cookies it was all just a big mess, we do this normally however we were just not having it this time. That night daddy and mommy filled eggs while watching a movie =)

Easter April 24, 2011

Easter morning mommy took he kids in our bedroom while daddy hid there eggs outside. He also took bunny shaped marshmallows and made a trail down the stairs to the back door. The kids went crazy over it and well Nick was extremely interested in the marshmallows so we had to pick him up. Once outside they had a blast picking up there eggs. Hailey, collecting them in her basket, and nick opening them one by one and bringing us the candy. He really didn't care about anything other then the candy, lol. Afterwards we came inside and played and then had a great lunch it was a fun day!


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