Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Days 2 Nights in Vegas


What a CRAZY day this was!! Nick was up and down all night, got my hair done, waited for the gomezs to get to grams, ran a few errands to walmart, headed to vegas! Got there JUST in time to litterally RUN to the room change and do my make-up running late thinking we are in BIG trouble to find out they changed the time and hour later! I was so upset becasue my friend torrey brought a beautiful gown for me to wear and we needed help with the back so I was not able to get it on in time! Thankfully my friend Katy let me borrow her 2 dresses and I had a back up that fit! lol...

We had a great time at the ball altought I thought the food was gross!! We danced a few songs and what not then headed to Tobys Keiths I Love This Bar for Andrews free burger, fries, and beer! The Bar was awsome, music was loud, food was amazing the girl was walking around on the bar giving out free shots out in honor for those that served and were serving! So of course I sent hubby to the bar to open his mouth! Best shot he ever tasted! lol...good thing I sent him right! lol...

We soon headed out to MargratiaVille however I wasn't feeling walking down the strip to get there and walking back so we decided to hit up with some friends at the Hotel in LAX....We got in right away instead of standing in line and one of the girls had a VIP booth so it was pretty awsome! After an hour in there we headed back for the night to our jacuzzi tub that took FOREVER to get working!  The next day we got up and showered and dressed headed to Applebees for again free food! Happy Veterans Day Baby and to those have are serving and have served! We then headed back to our friends room to eat when we realized we had the same room however ours was missing furniture and not just one item like 6! So we went and complained nicely so they booked us in their LAST 2 bed suite!!! WOOHOO!!! It was amazing however the stupid jacuzzi tub that I wanted to be in OH SO BAD wasn't working!!!! Go figure that one right?! lol...

That night we went shopping at ROSS, ate at Outback, then went back to the room to get ready to head out =) We then met back up with the Gomez's and headed to New York New York's bar Coyote Ugly! It was ok, not what I was expecting! It was pretty small and full of nothing but drunk guys staring at the bar! there was barely any room to move! The guys wanted us to dance with the coyotes on the bar so we did and got free shots...but then it got old and fast becasue it was so crowded then a guy fell into me on purpose and that was it! time to leave because the guys were about to seriously hurt someone! So we made our way back to the Luxor to the Cathouse and spent the rest of the night well morning there! We got there about 12 and didn't leave until 415!!! We had a BLAST!!! That place was sooo much fun and I would send all my friends there!

The following morning we pulled ourselves together and started our journey to AZ to get the kids from Granmda, Nana, and Aunt Bug who were so kind to watch them for us =) Then it was off home to get ready for hails party! More about that one later! Well here are pics from Vegas and at the house of the kids, Little miss Hailey had her boyfriend back for a few and she loved it!!!!! We miss Eric and Torrey a ton!



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