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           Honestly where do I even begin?! Last time I blogged daddy was on his way home and he has now been home for over a month =) Words could never describe how happy we are to have him back in our arms! Im going to try and update a little on each BIG event that has happened all on this one blog so WARNING it will be long and full of pics =)


Well this was an event all itself! Andrew was suppose to come home on the 8th, then it was the 9th and so forth! On his journey home the plane broke (go figure right) and they were stuck! If you remember the weekend after he was coming home was to be Nick's first birthday party. Nicks birthday was suppose to be the 12 however that was a sunday and we had people coming from out of town that needed to work monday so we pushed it to saterday Septemeber 11, 2010. Late evening of the 9th we get a phone call saying daddy will now be home NO later then September 11 again, go figure! Anywho, I called the hotline and September 11th is was around 1 so we push little mans party back a few hours, no big deal! Well, September 11th comes around the corner and im getting a phone call at like 8am "baby, im at march were turning in our weapons and on the road in 30mins" Im going crazy that he is only a few hours away however he is ONLY a few hours away and leavning in 30mins?! Ahh!! it takes about 2 1/2 hours to get from where he is coming from! I have a party to decorate for and a cake to go it and im going crazy!! So I start getting everything together my family were on there way to the house and they could help with the kiddos...Its now 9am and he is calling me "were leaving, I love you" omgosh so far they are about 30mins early no biggie! I have it on the local radio station 107.7 (haha, my lucky number "7"). My mom and grams get here and start getting the kids ready for me and my best friend lena and I head out to get the cake for the party. As we pull into the store parking lot the radio annouces the guys have reached the 62! We are going crazy! Those busses are flying!!!! We are running around staters brothers trying to get everything and trying not to drop the 2 cakes! We get in the car and take off for home. We get to the house (im still in my jammies!) I run upstairs throw my clothes on and fix a few things, radio is now annoucing they are in yucca valley on their way! Seriously this is all in like 20mins! So im texting our photographer trying to tell her whats going on and get ready. Then lena and I bust out the door and jump in the car, guess what text I get "honey, were in 29 palms!" AHH!!! Right now its more shit!!!! Im driving down the back roads now trying to beat the busses to base! lol...thankfully we get there and parking isn't too bad, our photographer is there just before we pull in and we get a text and announcement on the radio "the boys are back in town(as the song starts to play) and they are turning on to adobe road!" omgosh now its becoming real! 10mins later you can see those awful yet that day amazing wonderful white busses!!!!! Nerves are starting to kick in....having lena and our photographer, Tiffany, there to help was great! However within a matter a mins the busses were at the light pulling in and that was it! He was about to get off that bus and I was shaking and could not move, I didn't know what to do, I wanted to jump him however thats not good when you want pictures! lol...so I held it in, however of course no one listened and attacked the busses as SOON as the doors opened. So...im standing in the middle in a open space waiting for him to see me, that didn't take long!!! Here is was walking to me and im going crazy! I wrap my arms around him and could not let him go at all!! Words could never explain the feeling you get when your loved one is in danger 24/7 days a week life or death and you cant hold them and tell them it will all work out and be ok that we can get threw it....he was finally home =) We waited around and hung out while they unloaded their bags from the trucks and once we got them we were gone, on our way to see little miss hailey and birthday boy! We got home and hails was outside at the park, daddy went one way and we went the other, she was going down the slide as we arrived and daddy was right there when she got down, she didn't know what to think!!! Everyone was watching her and she just hid her head in his shoulder it was the sweetest thing! Little nick was about passed out in the swing so daddy got him and we took him inside for his bottle...of course we just wanted to lay together and talk and for him SHOWER! So I gave him clothes and sent him away....I had to get everything outside while he was in the shower and greet everyone. Once he was changed and came outside hails screamed and ran to him!! She now realized daddy was here not on the computer!!! lol....Then the party started!!! lol...here are some pics from homecoming! Hope you love them just as much as we do!!!!!



Yeppers!! Once hubby went back to work after his 96 from being home he saw the monitor and he had orders! At first they wanted us to go to Okinawa however they gave him a choice and we deceided that right now wasn't the time for Oki so we are now heading to New River, NC!

Base housing has a wait of 6-9months so we had to get an apartment out in town. We have our address and everything and we are 1/4 mile away from the back gate of lejeune, 15min drive for daddy to work!! Oh and did I mention walmart 5miles, target 7miles, beach 15mins!!! OMGOSH are we excited!!! Though we have to stay at an apartment, its going to be really nice! They have a lot of stuff for us to play with there other then an actual playground but im sure the kids will have more fun in the sand pit oh I mean Volleyball Court! haha..

Of course with the move comes packing and getting there! Its now the 2nd and ours days here are already numbered! Marine Corps ball is in vegas so we shall be there from the 10-12 then hails party the 13th then packing for our trip 14 & 15 and tmo 16, 17, 18 and inspection the 19! Oh and tmo comes for a walk threw the 9th and nick has an ultrasound apt the 8th! So we are non the less crazy busy!!!!


Well, Daddy wanted to take the kids to LegoLand so we did =) We had a ton of fun! We wished we could have seen more however thats ok! The kids got to ride a few things and play so it was worth it. that evening they had a little trick-or-treat thing so they got a little bag of goodies =) Pics to follow =)


So what was suppose to be a suprise ended up not being! Mommy gave him and let his mom tell him! However we had an amazing time seeing them, walking the strip, and visiting the Hoover Dam....The storms were rolling in as we left =( lol...........pics (lots more just yea)  =)


Well our kids have major use of their costumes this year =) Well not major however they used them twice for little festivals on base and then again at Disneyland! We did a little walk threw at the commisary with the munchkins, the cdc fall festival with their games and activites, oh and they had a little pumpkin patch behind the house also =) That they didn't dress up for though! Mommy didn't take a whole lot of pictures because we were having fun and also their costumes were just not coming out in the pics and they have been sick...im still going to try and dress them up and get them outside to get a few cute pics sometime soon =) lol...until then here are a few =)


Im not going to go into much detail because once I have time I will post a blog about this trip all together! I mean 3days at Disneyland I think deserves its own blog!! haha...probably wont be until after our move though! Here a few to keep ya waiting!


This Halloween we started our morning off at Dennys and then headed out to redlands to go shopping for hails party supplies. After 4 stores were sold out of Hello Kitty invites we gave up on them and got different ones lol. however we got everything else we needed =) Then we came back home and decided to hand out candy. Hailey was having so much fun telling everyone happy halloween and handing them candy it was adorable, we asked her if we wanted to walk her around and she said no lol....what a sweetheart...however mommy didn't take any pics other then little man eating his first sucker and hails with all their candy however this is less then half becasue we gave some away =)


What a way to start our crazy month! We decided to head over to the carters house to bake belated halloween cookies. After bathing the kids and getting them dressed we noticed that nicks eye was all puffy and green OUT OF NO WHERE!!! So I took hailey and daddy to the Carters and dropped them off and took lil man to the ER to find out he has Conjuntivitis poor lil guy! After getting him tyelnol we headed back to the carters, ate dinner, decorated cookies and headed home =) Now its the 2nd and his eye look a bit better and TOY STORY 3 comes out!!! WOOHOO!!! Now I need to seriously get to cleaning!!! Hope you enjoyed this crazy post sorry so long!!!


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  1. OMG..Chrissy I loved this post..!! I was crying reading about his homecoming...and laughing at some of the other pictures...it is wonderful....keep us posted always...hope to see you somehow ...hope we can connect...LU..GC


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