Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yea, Yea, I know, I know!!

Sorry to everyone that has been waiting for this! Things have been a little out of it here lately and I have just been to tired and not in the mood to update. So I apologize!!

At my 9 week appointment I had my first ultrasound. It was pretty interesting to say the least. To start things out as soon as I got probed and things started showing up on the screen immediately I was shocked! This being my 4th pregnancy seeing two was unexpected! I just kept my mouth shut until we got to the looking at the uterus part. Then within seconds the lady was like "wow are you about to have your hands full, you see this right?" My reply was "umm, yea" lol. I didn't know what else to say so she told me we would go back and look later after she got the pictures she needed of my ovaries and what not.

So we come back to the baby/babies. First off my uterus looks really small and I'm not showing yet, well its sideways so that's why! There were CLEARLY two shadows of babies the same size when she kept going by then when we zoomed in just on them one disappeared?! Yet the other remained on the complete side. It was so weird so she zoomed back out and sure enough there as the other baby again?! The tech was speechless, no other tech had gotten in yet but she took pictures to go over again. When she looked for the heart beat we only got one but the one we did get was EXTREMELY light we couldn't even here it! However it was detected and the one that we did get was 183 =) She tried getting the baby to move to see if the other was hiding however that was not happening. With my uterus being sideways she could only see so much at the time.

So at the end of the ultrasound she said we will consider this a single pregnancy because I can't get enough evidence other then you and me clearly seeing a shadow of another baby. She told me to tell them next time I have an ultrasound to really look! Before this ultrasound I kept telling Andrew and he kept joking we were having twins, it would be hard however we would be thrilled!! I believe there is only one as does he. I'm barely showing for 11 weeks today and well I was showing at 11 weeks with all 3 others!

This week has me on edge, I have felt the baby once at like 7 weeks. But I have yet to feel the baby again. I know all pregnancy's are different but I have had a little bit of cramping =/ so I'm a little on edge! I miscarried with our 2nd child at 11 weeks and 6 days so just a little nervous! However a sign of relief is that there was a heart beat (183 =) ) and the baby was right on 9 weeks when we did the ultrasound! My next apt is February 17 so I probably wont update until then unless something with the munchkin comes up.

Here are a few pictures from the last 2 weeks and of the little munchkin (mommy and daddy think its a girl but only time will tell )

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