Monday, March 28, 2011

First and most of....

It's a Boy!

Sorry for the late news which most of you know about! We went 3 weeks ago and had a 3d/4d ultrasound done to find out the sex of our newest little edition. We both had our feelings that it was a girl. However we were wrong! So in just a few more months we will be welcoming our little Timothy James Richardet.

Little Timmy as Miss Hailey calls him is due on his big brothers birthday, so he will be able to wear everything we have kept from when Nick was a tiny baby. Not to mention a great friend of mine gave me all her sons clothes so they should fit during the seasons also since our big boys are only month apart! Of course he will have new things though, you all know me too well for that! We already have some hospital outfits picked out and will be getting them shortly!

Well as for the little man himself he is growing just the way he should be! He is Extememly low in mommys belly! I can feel him moving around all the time! Hailey and Daddy have been able to feel like once I believe however I dont think they really did! lol...Mommy has been having slight braxton hick contractions, which are fake labor contractions, they are pretty much just a major pain in the tooshie! They seem to come and go so its not too bad thought. My doctor dosn't believe that I will go full term because of my past pregnacies and from the starting of the contractions already, however you NEVER know!

We love our little guy so much and can't wait to welcome him into our little family!!! Now for the pictures!!!


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