Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Boy

August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicholas Alan, we love you! It's been a year and its soo hard to believe! Little man has 8 teeth and 2 molars on their way! He is walking all over the place and almost running at times! As of right now he says "dada, mama, nana, ni-ni, baba, a-bug" Very rare does he say hi! I call him my Bellyman because this little man will walk around with his belly out and he will laugh and smack it and its just so adorable!

Nick is finally sleeping threw the night! He maybe gets up once! Today at naptime he took his first 2% milk bottle! Needless to say his naptime was 3 hours! lol...hopefully he takes to it just as much tonight! Getting the little guy on milk and then we are taking away the bottle =) I dont think it will be that hard...hes pretty ok about it...I tried the sippy at naptime today and it worked but the milk was too cold so I had to heat it and when I did just stuck it in the bottle cuz he was SO tired! lol...Well his 1 year check up is Sept 16 so I will update on little man then! Until then these are pics of his BIG day!


Checkin things out
Walking like a big boy
He loves the swing!
Love you little man! Happy Birthday!
Mommy and the Birthday Boys Sissy
Mommy and the Birthday Boy
Weather on his birthday <3
Birthday Cupcake =)
What is this mom?
Gunnar and Kailyn
Haileys cupcake face =)
Scarlett and her cupcake!
Kenz and her cupcake!
Passed out after a long day of fun =) Happy Birthday Little Guy!


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