Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 DAYS?!

 Really?! 10 days?! This can't be right?! As much as this year has dragged on and all the complications we have had, homecoming is right around the corner and its still so hard to believe! This has been one crazy deployment but has only brought us closer together in the end! I love my husband so much and can't wait to see him with our babies!

Hailey is asking if daddy is coming home everyday now! When she talks about him Nick is right next to her saying "da-da" as if they talked about it first and came to me together to ask! I can't even describe the way I feel about seeing the look on her face when she sees her daddy infront of her after a year!

Well as much as I would love to keep going or to add pictures im exausted becasue I have caught a cold! Perfect timing right?! I hope to add pics here real soon so keep a look out! Just I have so much to do to prepare for daddys homecoming so that we can just enjoy each other and not worry about anything else! Until next time!


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  1. Yay for updating! Lol you've been slacking, missy! haha just kidding I know you've got your hands full :) I can't believe 10 days either, THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!!! Eek! Can't wait to see you family back together!


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