Friday, December 31, 2010

California to North Carolina

Our trip from California to North Carolina was I believe just as easy as it could be! With 2 toddlers and 2 cats in the backseat of the truck towing the car behind us that is! The scenery was mainly desert until I think Oklahoma and then it was dead grass! lol. We stopped at a few hotels on the way The Comfort Inn Suites and The Country Inn Suites both sister each other but were great! They had hot free breakfast in the morning and very easy wifi to use, also free. Every hotel we stayed at had a nice indoor pool but one just stood out! It was the Country Inn Suites in Amarillo, TX. The pool had a rock waterfall in it and a jacuzzi and the lady was super nice and told us that it didn't matter when we used the pool as long as we were quiet! That the main lights would go off but the jacuzzi lights were motion censored so they would stay on enough to see. Sadly we were so tired and the kids passed out so fast that we were not able to use it but man did we want to!!!

Once we started seeing cows Andrew and I played what he calls the "moo cow" game! You just point out herds of moo cow and yell out moo cow and whoever has the most wins lol. I can't remember the end total I believe it was like 43-45 and Andrew won. However I won until we made it to MO, I didn't even have a fighting chance in that state! lol. We stopped there for a few days and enjoyed time with family. It was so nice to see everyone it had been so long and we can not wait to go back! We spent Thanksgiving with everyone and were even able to go out on Black Friday and spent 2hours in the 33 degree weather to get into ToysRus and then headed to walmart which was just crazy so we (my sister in law and I) decided that we would sit and wait outside Target until they opened, it was now 23 degrees outside and we waited 2 hours again, thankfully we did because we were able to get everything but one thing at Target and it was great!

While we were in St. Louis, MO we visited the Magic House and then headed over to Monkey Joe's Bounce house. The kids loved seeing their cousins so much and being able to play with them.

Once we headed out it was a straight drive to NC and a stop at a hotel. Once we got into North Carolina our apartment was closed for the day so we drove to Cherry Point to stay with our friends the Whittingtons. It was extremely nice of them to let us stay and we are very thankful for that. Our only bumps in the road on our trip was due to our GPS it took us to an abandon Denny's and then got us stuck trying to find a gas station. But they were minor and an easy fix! We finally made it to Jacksonville,  North Carolina and got our apartment!

Leaving 29 Palms

We were mainly on Route 66

The kiddos in their crate

Birthday Girls breafast at Dennys

Her first pedi and mani

loven her brother at the hotel

passed out

lol, so sleepy

where we got stuck and had to take the car off the trailer

Awsome place to stay!

so nice

Our favorite place to stop if we needed to

St. Louis, MO

Hanging with her cousins at her grandpas house

Heading into the Magic House on a rainy day

Unkle Jimmy picking up Nick

Groccery Shopping Hailey style

Calling Nurse Hailey =)

Her favorite Unkle Jimmy

Seeing "Tangled" with mommy for her bday present

Omgosh she loved his movie so we had to see it again!

Mommy and Daughter

Daddy was dragging cranky pants on the floor of grandma sherris house

kisses for mommy on thanksgiving

The girls minus one

Her cousins, minus one, no idea where Alexis was! lol

Oh there she is!! lol


Andrew and Jimmy

Mommy, Daddy, and Hailey on Thanksgiving Nick didn't want to be in the picture

0230 waiting for target to open on black friday (the things we do for our children)

Hotel fun, so sleepy


So pretty


Playing with the schopens their bestfriends

Our apartment place

Goofing off with mommy in the new casa

Love them kisses

I love them =)

Sonic Playground

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