Friday, December 31, 2010

Our first and last Christmas as 4

This was our first Christmas as a family of 4. Last year Andrew was deployed to Afghanistan so he was not able to be here. I say it will also be our last one because we are preggers and two because we are also trying to get my sister Heather out here to stay with us!

Christmas Eve we baked cookies and the kids opened a gift (Pj's) Then mommy and daddy set everything up for in the morning and Santa came =) I set my alarm up in the morning that way we could record the kids faces when they got up seems how Hailey has to pass the living room before she comes into our room. She was so excited she just stopped and stared saying that Santa had came. She slowly walked over to her brand new doll house and asked if she could touch it! lol. Not much later Nick woke up and well I put him down and he took off to the doll house his sister was playing with since it was making noises. When he finally saw Buzz and his Tonka truck he walked over and was exited, until Buzz moved that is, then he was terrified! lol. We opened stockings and then I went and started breakfast. We opened presents the rest of the morning and set them up for the kids and played all morning =) Mommy and daddy played Wii for a little bit and then Hailey wanted to play too. Our day was great! We had an amazing little Christmas together and then ate a good meal and were out for the night! I'm already excited for next year! lol.


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