Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lately I have been having horrible headaches, constantly tired, cramps, dizziness, the list really goes on. Last month before we moved I wasn't able to fill my BC (Birth Control) so I figured it was my hormones going crazy. I honestly felt like I was pregnant however I was having HORRIBLE cramps and wasn't due anytime soon so it was impossible! Sure enough today I took a pregnancy test and here we are again!

Of course things are not going to be easy, we just got moved into our 6month apartment and have applied for housing which we need now to take a proof of pregnancy over for our 3bed to be switched to a 4bed. Not to mention the whole moving part! lol...waiting for a 4bed is 6-10months for a house on base, given these are really nice and did I mention HUGE with a fenced in yard?! Big enough to put a play set AND trampoline on!!! We can paint and everything so we are pretty darn excited! Just the fact that I'm moving again while were pregnant makes me feel bad for my husband.

Andrew is up for STAFF next year also, so he has to do SGT's course and get his MCI's done which will take time away from home from his ordinary schedule, but it again its ok =) We could not be happier! Things are really looking good for his unit and they told him that he has 24months home! That he can't go anywhere for 12months and that the only way he will go after that is if he asks but why in the world would he ask to deploy?! lol so he should be her for the pregnancy birth and first months which he has never been before...its really exciting in a way!

Oh and did I mention the little munchkin will be due on August 25th, 2011 his/her* (Mommy's gut says its a girl, not just wishful thinking I'm good with a healthy baby boy or girl) brothers birthday! How exciting right?! lol. its never ending in this household!

Mommy's thoughts are good, I'm a little worried from our past when we miscarried and lost the 2nd baby but I'm not stressed because I feel pregnant this time around and will be very careful!!!

Well that's about it for right now were going to head to dinner and Toysrus...omgosh baby stuff again!!! lol...the picture below is at 4 weeks today according to my due date there are 2 lines I promise if you click the picture it will enlarge and you will see, lol! I will make a pregnancy blog that way I'm not all up on the family one =)


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