Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lots New Coming in 2011


I'm only a few days late, lol. Well we have been busy! So far we have...

Housing List
    Well we were in the 200's for a 3bedroom waiting list to get on base at the end of 2010. We are now number 17 (then again its out of like 34, but hey it sounds better) for a 4bedroom on base! Our wait the lady told me was about 3-4 months however it could be much faster do to PCS season coming up, so we shall see!!!

Our Beach Day
     Our weather has been crazy here lately, one week its snowing and the next its 65 outside! So on this nice day we decided we were going to head over to the beach and then to the playground with the kiddos! They loved being at the beach but they wanted to go into the water so bad. Silly little munchkins! So instead they just attempted to run from the waves. After about an hour at the beach we headed over to the park to play where they had a TON of fun. They really enjoyed themselves! Its so nice to be able to take them to do things around here.

Snow Day
     Well this was a first for all of us!! It snowed here in Jacksonville and well they were only expecting 2in and we got 5 1/2. The town itself does not have the right equipment to clear the road and because there are people from all different parts of the country, some never seeing snow or driving in it they closed the roads. The town of Jacksonville was issued a snow day and asked to refrain from heading out unless you needed to for things such a milk and what not. Not only was this day a snow day but so was the next!!! We got daddy home for 2 days and it was awesome, we played in the snow and just enjoyed every bit of it!!!

Tumbling Class
    Hailey has started a tumbling class here on base, she is really liking it so far. Learning tons of new things, bringing them home to teach her brother who now has the concept of a somersault down, just needs to work on going over, lol. She is very much enjoying it and so am I watching her.

     I have recently started babysitting my friends 2 children. The kids are LOVING having their friends over all the time. They play the whole time and chase each other around the island. Its adorable! They are all so sweet together. I really enjoy them coming over.

     Daddy is doing a special course at Camp Lejeune for the next few weeks. He told me he would be working from 0730 to 2000 however today walks in at 1530, so needless to say we were very happy and excited! lol.

Baby Update
     Well not much going on here, feeling a little pressure here and there and one day I know I felt the little munchkin but haven't since then. I had an apt last week and they did blood work and an exam. The OB said that I'm measuring small for where I should be but not to worry. She ordered in an ultrasound, so this Thursday at 7am I get to see the little one! If I get pictures I will post on whats going on =)

New Hair
     Well I decided that I needed a new look and got rid of it all. Cut it off to my shoulders and died it dark brown and red =) I love it!!! I miss the length but its all healthy now so I don't mind one bit!! lol.

Well I think that about covers it. Other then the little things such as nick is really starting to talk, he now says HI, whoa, wee, tant-u, and random things here and there also! He follows Hailey around everywhere and really enjoys playing around her. Hailey loves playing with her dollhouse and candyland. Oh and bugging mommy and daddy of course! lol..Mommy and Daddy are great! Staying up watching movies and cuddling on the couch. We are really enjoying things the way they are right now!

Now time for the pictures!!


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