Friday, September 23, 2011

Nana's Comes to North Carolina

This past summer Nana came to visit to help me with the house and the munchkins because of all the problems with my pregnancy at the time. We went to the aquarium, and the beach but mainly just hung out at home for the most part!

The kids LOVED having her here, we set up an air mattress on Hailey's floor for Hailey but Nana ended up sleeping on the air mattress with Hailey on her "pillow bed" right next to her! lol...It was the sweetest little thing!

Nick would wake up every morning asking where Nana was and looking around the house! Then he would run into her arms and give her big hugs and kisses!

Then came little man and Nana was able to meet him and spend time with him before she had to go home.

Nana's visit was fun and we loved having her here and can't wait until she is able to come back for a week or 2!!!


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