Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July at the White House

Yes, you read the title right! lol...We spent our 4th of July last year at the White House! Andrew was selected to spend the 4th of July at the White House along with his family (we only took Hailey because we had NO idea what was going on or anything like that). Not only was he selected along with other military members but he was invited into the White House to personally meet the Mr and Mrs Obama themselves!!!  When he first came home with the idea I was so proud and so shocked I didn't care what it took we were going to go! However the closer it came the more of a pain in the butt it began to be! Everything was paid for however at first we were suppose to be paid in advance and then we would get the funds during our trip (no problem).

The time got closer, we went shopping for nice clothes to wear packed up the car and headed out! We had a hotel booked for our stay, Nana was going to stay at the hotel with Nick and then we were going to all go check out DC and head to the National Zoo on the 5th.

Half way threw our 6hour drive drive we stopped to eat and headed into Walmart for new dual DVD player for the car because ours busted a few months before hand and the kids were getting antsy. Once we made it to DC and to our hotel we realized there were no lights on anywhere! Andrew and I go into the hotel while Nana waits and sure enough a storm had rolled in before us and there was no power and everything was electronic so there was no way of checking in or getting into the rooms! So after a while of arguing on weather we should wait or just attempt to find another hotel we decided it was late we were exhausted and needed to rest and went across the street. Yes, right across the street the hotel had lights on! Which of course made mommy upset because we had already paid for this hotel but I got over it and we went across the street.

We made it in time to take the kids down to the pool for a bit before it closed and then we all passed out after watching some toons. The following morning Daddy went and got us milk and doughnuts and we started getting ready and headed out to the White House.

It was a long walk to the Metro station (at least for me since I was 32 weeks pregnant). It was mine and Hailey's first time ever riding Metro (Andrew has in St Louis). I will admit I was a nervous, it was pretty crowded and was a big event to go to. However  we made it there safely and it was interesting to say the least! As we walked around DC people were extremely rude. It didn't matter weather we were in a store and purchasing something or if we were just walking on the side walk. We had a while to wait so we went and grabbed something to eat and then headed over to get in the line for our evening.

After ID and security we were finally threw the gates and on our way to the front lawn where the event was being held! It wasn't what I expected but none the less was a blast! We put our things down at a table and walked around a bit. Then daddy had to leave us to go meet Obama himself so Hailey and I went to get her face painted and to get something to drink. While daddy was inside we also grabbed something to eat (hot dogs, corn on the cob, and watermelon). After a while Mr and Mrs Obama came out to give us their speech along with the military members beside them. I can't get even describe the way I felt seeing my husband standing up there! NO words could describe that feeling, all I can say is that he truly deserved to be there and we couldn't be any more proud! After the speech they were released and daddy came to join us. Mr and Mrs Obama came down to shake the hands and the President himself told Hailey "while aren't you a cutie" as he grabbed her hand! (it was really hard to get a pictures at this time because it was so crowded but the one where you see Andrew smiling will be the pic where Obama said this lol)

The rest of the evening was walking around and hanging out then picking our spot to lay down and enjoy the fireworks while listening to the concert they had going for us. (Jordan Sparks). Andrew went to get us ice cream and the man gave him a box lol...(I didn't care this was already my 3rd one and they were DOVE bars, what pregnant women could resist? lol). The show was actually pretty long and the end was just AMAZING!!!!

After the fireworks we headed back to Metro, which was incredibly crowded. We made our way to the back car and waited and lucky for us we pretty much got an empty car. Nick was still awake when we got to the hotel so we hung out and then all passed out!

The following morning we went to the Iwo Jima Memorial and then to the National Zoo. I must say that I could go without going there again for the rest of my life! It was either up hill or down (steep hill). I don't know it just wasn't our thing the kids enjoyed it a bit however the weather was awful and we were just done! lol so we got into the car and made our 6hour drive home!



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