Monday, March 8, 2010

Wednesday March 10, 2010....

We will finally have the keys to our new so called house for the next who knows how long! lol...

Went to base this morning to figure all this out becasue they told us we would not have a place. The lady that did my paper work did it ALL wrong. We really wanted on base. For those of you that dont know on base is much bigger, is gated, and oh you have a garage! lol...but this is ok. We are looking forward to it!

Our experience with 801 before was horrible!!! Major Ants, falling down stairs, crappy maintance, 2 window AC units for the whole place, just horrible! Now their is central AC, HOPEFULLY no ants, and well lincoln housing took over and things will be changing a lot for the better! Even talk about a swimming pool by this summer!

Our new place is RIGHT next to our carport and then the main playground with grass (yes grass) is right on the other side of our building. Across from the complex is the big community park also.

Im very excited to move in and be able to have all this stress off my shoulders, enjoy time with our kids and keep busy having fun and workin out until daddy is home =)

Packing, well its coming along! Now that I get the the keys wednesday this place is gonna be in boxes SOO fast!!! haha...but really, gonna pack ALL day tomorrow, sooner I get things packed, sooner I can move and turn the utlities off  and not have to pay so much! lol....

Nicky is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Adventures in Wonderland (his favorite). This is his 2nd time threw, one after another and he is still sqealing at it!! haha, however his sissy is already asleep so hes about to be put down to bed also =) Mommy has a full day to help good thing aunt heather is here to help me!!!

Nighty Night Everyone!
*Days with aunt bug*

"New House"
One of my loves
Mommys little helper

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